Formulation, of cassava root - leaf flakes, acceptability evaluation and determination of nutritional value

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Christine Kasichana Masha
Okoth Michael Wandayi
Abong George
Solomon Shibairo


Acceptability; cassava flakes; fermentation; nutritive value


Cassava is an important food crop grown for its roots to supply daily needed calories to households in the cassava growing communities including coastal Kenya. The region contributes up to 30 % of the national cassava production though it remains food insecure with a high prevalence of malnutrition. Cassava roots are deficient in most nutrients except carbohydrates while the leaves are rich in a range of nutrients including protein but are moderately consumed as vegetables. The study sought to establish the most acceptable cassava root-leaf blend/s with improved nutrients’ content. This involved formulation of blends of cassava flakes through mixing roots and leaves in varying levels ranging from 0 % to 50 % that led to 18 different blends, with most accepted being 20%.  Fermented and unfermented flakes were developed. A total of 18 formulations were developed before consumer acceptability and nutritional content were determined in the most preferred blends. The results showed cassava root-leaf flakes were best accepted when fermented root material is blended with 20% leaf component. Percent leaf content above 40% was unacceptable as such blends exuded poor smell. A calculation from the nutrients contained in blend 100 5 cassava roots against the blend that contained leaf material showed that the nutritional value showed that cassava root-leaf flakes have vitamins A and C improved by 353% and 53%, minerals- iron and zinc by 5.6% and 85% respectively and protein by 430% when compared with flakes processed from 100% cassava root.  It is recommended that more studies be carried out to determine the bioavailability and nutritional effect of consumption of the flakes on children and pregnant women. 

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