Clinical benefit of MKANDA SALAMA KIT in a real-world population with Postpartum Hemorrhage. A prospective observational study

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Paschal Kija
James Kalema
Elias Kweyamba
Dominick Raphael
Zabron Abel
Enos Masele
Franc Mussa
Arnold Kaihula


Low-income countries, Maternal Morbidity, Maternal Mortality, Mkanda Salama Kit, and Postpartum hemorrhage


Based on Tanzania administrative data and policy Implication report of 2018, revealed that Postpartum hemorrhage contributed to about 29% of all maternal deaths in Tanzania. MKANDA SALAMA KIT (MSK) is the new innovated technological device designed to stop Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). To determine the effects of MSK on the clinical symptoms improvement, hemodynamic restoration, and bleeding stoppage in post- delivery mothers with PPH. The primary outcome was the composite of Postpartum hemorrhage maternal death and PPH rehospitalization within 42 days follow-up time; secondary outcomes were all causes of maternal death and the occurrence of rehospitalization for worsening PPH -data from 120 women with PPH aged from 13 to 39 years from December 2020 to May 2021 (6 months) at St. Francis referral hospital labor ward were included. Patients were grouped into mild PPH, moderate PPH, and severe PPH. A multinomial regression model was used to determine the associations between risk and outcomes using Statistical Package for Social Sciences software version 21.0". 23% had a previous history of PPH, 36% had maternal hypertension, 45% had anemia, and 12% had maternal diabetes. Mild PPH was 20%, moderate PPH was 37%, and severe PPH was 43%. MSK significantly improved clinical symptoms and signs of all PPH categories by 84%. A significant restoration to normal all hemodynamic parameters was observed to all patients by 79% MSK significantly stopped mild PPH by 100% within 10-20 minutes, while stopped moderate PPH by 70.3% within 10-20 minutes and stopped severe PPH by 63.5% within 10-20 minutes. There was no rehospitalization during follow-up time and no death was reported. MSK significantly improved clinical symptoms, hemodynamic parameters and stopped bleeding in PPH patients, timely application of MSK can significantly prevent PPH maternal death and PPH rehospitalization.

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