Innovative approach to mitigate aflatoxin and micronutrient problems in complementary foods (CFs) for health and economic wellbeing

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Bendantunguka Tiisekwa
Rashid Suleiman
Adili Tiisekwa


nutrient dense, aflatoxin safe, thin porridge, micronutrients, complementary food


Complementary foods (CFs) provided to infants and young children (IYC) in sub-Saharan Africa contain ingredients that are susceptible to aflatoxin contamination. Chronic dietary exposure to aflatoxins is associated with serious health consequences. CF for thin porridge was developed by combining seven ingredients namely, finger millet, soya beans, orange fleshed sweet potato, cassava, breadfruit, baobab and moringa aiming to produce a nutrient dense and aflatoxin safe CF. The developed formulation was evaluated for safety with a focus on total aflatoxin and aflatoxin B1 and microbiological parameters, fibre and micronutrients especially iron and zinc. After passing safety test, the formulations (normal and instant porridge types) were evaluated for acceptability, cookability preference and market performance. The formulated product passed safety and overall quality tests. Market response was very good suggesting that more work should be undertaken in the direction of scale up and dissemination for wider availability and use. Children and persons of other ages can now use a highly nutritional quality and guaranteed aflatoxin safe product.

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