Implementation of Quality of Service-Oriented Distributed Routing Protocol using Fuzzy Logic in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

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ACO with Fuzzy Logic; Clustering; Energy; MANET; Multimedia Applications; Quality of Service; Routing


A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a type of wireless network made up of nodes that are both wireless and mobile. This type of wireless network is a non-infrastructure network (without a central manager such as router, servers, etc.) that is hard to manage; providing the Quality of Service (QoS) is also difficult. The fuzzy logic is one of the effective methods required to achieve high QoS in MANET. We propose an Ant-colony Based Cluster-head (ABC) selection a protocol based on artificial intelligence fuzzy logic techniques in this paper. With the proposed protocol, we divide the network into clusters, then, choose a cluster head which is a node having high residual energy, the most trusted; this is achieved using Ant-colony optimization (ACO) algorithm thanks to the use of a probability function which determines the likelihood of various nodes to be selected as cluster-heads. Using the Network Simulator Version-2 (NS-2), we evaluated our Proposed Protocol with ones existing in literature; Quality of Service-Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (QoS-AODV), Bandwidth aware Multi-path Routing protocol in mobile Ad Hoc networks (BMR) and Dynamic Multi-Path Source Routing Method (MSR).  We conducted various experimental evaluations varying both the number of the total mobile nodes in the network and the number of receivers from a single sender; all simulation outcomes revealed that the Proposed protocol; Quality of Service-Oriented Distributed Routing Protocol using Fuzzy Logic and clustering techniques in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (QODFL) outperformed the existing ones as compared to existing protocols, it was able to increase both the Packet Delivery Ratio by 10.5% and throughput by 6.7 % , and  the End-to-End Delivery ratio by 7.7%.

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