Optimisation of the eccentricity of the pyriform diagram for balancing electrical power systems loading

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Godwin Asemota
Nelson M. Ijumba


Balanced and light loading; energy efficiency; energy savings; Markov process; Martingales


Electricity is a vital resource need in any modern society for an enhanced lifestyle. Furthermore, electricity load management covers optimal power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilisation. Also, demand-side management is electricity consumption beyond the meter, and the ever-increasing electricity demand because of rising population and higher standards of living place a limitation and a constraint on its accessibility to all the citizens in any community. The eccentricity of the pyriform scatter diagram data shape was used to characterise the statistical distribution of the electricity consumption data points around a common axis. The Markov process, the Jordan Canonical transformation, and the Martingales were used to generalise the independent electricity consumption to depend only on the outcome preceding it and not after it. The results show a balanced light loading of 50.0%. The pyriform was symmetrical, convex, and even about the midpoint, which served as the globally optimised solution of the electricity consumption balanced loading problem. A balanced electrical power systems loading enables utilities to supply more customers, increases operational efficiencies, and places less stress on electricity generators, transmission, and distribution networks. It is recommended that optimisation of electrical power systems loading will lead to energy efficiency, energy savings, lower-cost operations for reliable and sustainable supply, growth, and development. Balanced light loading of electrical power systems components facilitates optimal unit commitment at lower economic and social costs. Whenever service taxes are reduced because of cheaper electricity prices, utilities witness flatter load curves and avoided production costs across power systems operations. This further, lessens blackouts and extends life of utility facilities.